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We believe in the utmost safety of drivers and riders using the Pullova platform to arrange ride. Pullova and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle. Any driver or rider found in possession of firearm may lose access to the pullova platform.


Pullova seeks to ensure that Reliable, Safe and Affordable transportation options are available to everyone. Pullova and its affiliates therefore prohibit discrimination against riders or drivers based on Origin, Race, Religion, Disability, Sexual orientation, Marital Status, Gender Identity, Sex or any other characteristics protected under applicable federal or state law. Such discrimination includes but not limited to, refusing to provide or accept services based on any of these characteristics. Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition will lose access to Pullova platform.


Pullova does not tolerate the use of alcohol or drugs by drivers using the pullova app. If you believe your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please have the driver END THE TRIP IMMEDIATELY.
After the driver has ended the trip, please report any feedback directly in the app by tapping help from the menu and call the emergency line. You can also get in touch by emailing customercomplaints@pullova.com.


State and federal law prohibit drivers using the Pullova App from denying service to riders with service animals because of the service animals, and from otherwise discriminating against riders with service animals. As explained in Pullova’s Non-Discrimination Policy, driver who engage in discriminatory conduct in violation of this legal obligation will lose their ability to use the driver app.

  1. What is a service animal?
    • A service animal is an animal that is trained to work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.
    • The law provides that there are only two questions that a driver-partner may ask to confirm that a rider’s animal is a service animal: (1) is the animal required because of disability? And, (2) what work or task has the animal been trained to perform?
    • The driver may not request that the rider present documentation proving that the rider’s animal is a service animal.
    • There is no requirement that a service animal wear a tag, be registered, or display any kind of proof that it is a service animal.
  2. Legal Obligations of Driver-Partner
    • Drivers have a legal obligation to provide service to riders with service animals.
    • A driver CANNOT lawfully deny service to riders with service animals because of allergies, religious objections, or a generalized fear of animals.
    • By the virtue of their written Technology Service Agreement with Pullova, all drivers using the Driver App have been made aware of their legal obligation to provide service with service animals and have agreed to comply with the law. If a driver refuses to transport a rider with a service animal because of the service animal, the driver is in violation of the law ad is in breach of their agreement with Pullova.
  3. Consequences for Refusal to Transport a Rider with a Service Animal
    • If Pullova determines that a driver knowingly refused to transport a rider with a service animal because of the service animal, the driver-partner will be permanently prevented from using the Driver App. Pullova shall make this determination in its sole discretion following a review of the incident.
    • If Pullova receives complaint on more than one occasion from riders that a particular driver-partner refused to transport a rider with a service animal, that driver will be permanently prevented from using the Driver App, irrespective of the justification given by the drivers.
  4. How to Report a Service Animal Complaint
    • If a rider has an issue related to his or her service animal – including issues regarding ride cancellations, harassment, or improper cleaning fees – the rider can report the issue to pullova.
    • Once a rider submits a service animal complaint, Pullova’s specialized support team will investigate the issue and take necessary and appropriate action in accordance with Pullova’s Technology Services Agreement and this Service Animal Policy. Pullova’s specialized support team will then make reasonable effort to notify the rider within a week of the outcome of the investigation and the actions taken.
    • To file a complaint from the Pullova Rider App, navigate to Help and call the emergency number or email us at customercomplaints@pullova.com, which is available through both the trip details screen and the account menu button.
  5. Rights of Riders with Service Animals
    • Riders cannot be denied service because they travel with a service animal. A rider will be refunded any trip cancellation charges or the other charges imposed because a driver denied a Rider service because of a service animal.
    • Riders will be informed by Pullova of what action Pullova takes in response to their complaint about discrimination on the basis of a service animal, including whether Pullova has terminated its contract with the driver involved
    • A rider will be provided an account credit of $10 for each instance in which a driver contractual relationship with Pullova is terminated as a result of a report that the driver refused to transport the rider because of the service animal.
  6. Cleaning Fees
    • Riders cannot be charged cleaning fees for shedding by their service animals. Riders will be refunded any cleaning fees charged for shedding by their service animals.A rider will not be charged for the first, second and third reported mess involving a service animal’s bodily fluids.
    • A rider can be charged for subsequent reported mess involving a service animal’s bodily fluids. The rider may contest that such a mess occurred by responding to the fee notification email to notify customer support. If a rider contests the cleaning fee, Pullova will make a reasonable good faith effort to determine whether a mess occurred.


Pullova is an all-inclusive platform and the wheelchair policy allows passengers who use wheelchairs (that can safely and securely fit in the car’s trunk or backseat without obstructing the driver’s view) to be accommodated reasonably by drivers on the Pullova platform.
As a driver, you are required to make reasonable effort to transport the passenger and their wheelchair. If you refuse to transport a passenger because he/she uses wheelchair, without reasonable effort, you are liable to removal from Pullova platform.

  1. Wheelchair can’t fit
    • Sometimes, larger wheelchairs just can’t be accommodated. After making reasonable effort to load in the wheelchair, the driver may cancel the ride and contact Pullova’s critical Response line by tapping the Help button to call the emergency response line.
    • After that, we will reach out to the passenger with accessible resources in their location.
  2. Wheelchair loading tips
    • Every device is different. Even if you have not been able to load a wheelchair in the past, it’s worth a try with these tips.
  3. Passenger transfer
    • Coordinate a safe loading Zone without obstructing traffic. Most passengers with manual wheelchair don’t require assistance, so consider asking the passenger with a disability, “Is there any way I can assist you?”
    • If the answer is yes, let them instruct you first. Assistance doesn’t always require lifting the passenger. They will know their needs best, and will tell you whether to hold the door open or lend a helping hand.
  4. Storing device.
    • Once the passenger is safely seated in their seat, ask for device storage instructions before disassembling it. Most wheelchairs will fit in your trunk or backseat, so consider keeping a blanket handy to lay over your seats first.
  5. Foldable wheelchairs
    • You will usually need to remove the seat cushion before folding the chair, and the passenger may want to hold onto it.
  6. Rigid frame wheelchairs
    • The passenger will show you the eject button on the bigger wheels. Tilt the chair to one side, press the button, and then pull the wheel from the frame. Repeat this on the other side, careful to avoid getting spoke lubricant on your hand.
    • If the rigid frame fits in your trunk, lay it next to the wheels. Otherwise, buckle it into one of your back seats – some can even fit on a seat like a person, with the front wheels in the foot cubby.
  7. Hatchback Cars
    • It’s also possible to store a rigid frame wheelchair alongside two passengers without even disassembling the chair. Fold down one half of your back seat, and lock the wheelchair’s back wheels, and load the chair into your trunk on its side.

Pullova Copyright Policy

Notification of Copyright Infringement:

Pullova Technologies, Inc. (“Pullova”) respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same. It is Pullova’s policy, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, to terminate and/or disable accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or charged with copyrights infringements or other intellectual property rights of others.
In accordance with the Digital millennium Copyright Act of 1998, the text which may be found on the U.S. Copyright Office website, Pullova will give on time response to claims of copyright infringements committed using pullova website or other online network accessible through a mobile device or other type of device (the “sites”) that are reported to Pullova’s Copyright Agent, identified in the sample notice below.
If you are a Copyright owner, or are authorized to act on behalf of one , or authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report alleged copyright infringements taking place or through the sites by completing the following DMCA Notice of alleged infringement and delivering it to Pullova’s Designated Copyright Agent. Upon receipt of the Notice as described below, Pullova will take whatever action, in its sole discretion, it deem appropriate, including removal of the challenged material from the sites.

DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement (“Notice”)
  1. Identify the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed, or - if multiple copyrighted works are covered by this notice – you may provide a representative list of the copyrighted works that you claim have been infringed.
  2. Identify the material that you claim is infringing (or to be the subject of infringing activity) and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disable, and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material, including at a minimum, if applicable, the URL of the link shown on the site(s) where such material may be found.
  3. Provide your mailing address, telephone number, and if available, email address.
  4. Include both of the following statements in the body of the notice:
  5. “I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (e.g., as a fair use).”
    “I hereby state that the information in this Notice is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed.”

  6. Provide your full legal name and your electronic or physical signature.
  7. Deliver this Notice, with all items completed, to Pullova’s Designated Copyright Agent:

  8. Copyright Agent
    C/o Pullova Technologies, Inc.
    1720, 341st Pl, Suite C-1
    Federal Way, WA 98003

    IMPORTANT: Communications unrelated to copyright use or infringement will be discarded.


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